Recent Publications

“Nightmare: Group Archery Mishap Necessitates Big Ask,” in Figure 1, 4b, August 2020

“Apeirophobia,” in Riggwelter Press, Issue 28, August 2020 (page 41 of PDF)

“Hazardous Humanity Necessitates Garage Sale,” in The Indianapolis Review, Issue 13, Summer 2020 (includes a recording of me reading the poem)

“Flight Delay: Your Surprising Convergence with the Idea of Beloved Lavender-Blue,” in Boston Accent Lit, Issue 18, July 2020

“I Could Work in a Cube This Small,” in Yes Poetry, March 26, 2020

“Study in Aura Photography: An Eternal Appointment in My Alternate Timeline,” in 8 Poems, Issue 2.8, February 2020

“Kaleidoscope Repair, Since You’re Awake,” in Kissing Dynamite Poetry, Issue 12, December 2019

“Catalog of Hazards,” in Thimble Literary Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 2, Autumn 2019

“Asymmetry as a Coping Strategy,” in Picaroon Poetry, Issue 18, p. 11, September 2019

“The Golden Ratio Adjusts Her Expectations Skyward,” “I Collapse the Mays I’ve Known Into a Hallway and Run Down It, Calling for Help,” “In Their Haste to Fall in Love, Your Selves Forget the Quiz in the Photocopier,” and “A Private Kindness,”  in where is the river :: a poetry experiment, Issue 13, September / October 2019

“Notes from a Medically Unnecessary Ride Home,” in Ghost City Review, August 2019

“Lies About Love: A Primer” and “One of My Future Ghosts Reminisces About Taking a Wind-Bath with You,” in Transom, Issue 13, pp. 21-26, Summer 2019 (includes an interview with me about my work and the theme of transition)

“The Whole Parking Lot Loves Lost Souls Who Don’t Drive: An Homage to Your Eyes,” in FIVE:2:ONE’s #thesideshow, June 19, 2019 (includes a sound file at the top of the page–Poague.The_Whole_Parking_Lot_Reading–so readers can also listen to the poem)

“On the Difficulty of Staying Grounded and Fed in a Multiverse,” in Juke Joint, Issue 6, May 2019

“Your Posthumous Life in Gradations of Pink,” in ISACOUSTIC*, March 2, 2019 

“Study in Waking: Testimony to Kaleidoscopic Autonomy or to the Earth’s Forgotten Anatomy,” in The Cabinet of Heed, Issue 16, January 2019

“Real Life Begins When You Read My Palm by Singing a Song” and “On Rebirth as a Palindrome: A Sullen Utopian Turns Twenty-Four/Forty-Two,” in Anti-Heroin Chic, December 2018

“If Ever a Ferris Wheel Held You,” in Rockvale Review, Issue 3, November 2018

“The Perfection of Communication,” in Helen: A Literary Magazine, Issue 9, Fall 2018

“In Ann Arbor, a Walking Person Lights Up,” “Study in Waking: The Dawn Is Safe and Famous This Weekend,” and “Telekinesis Is Only Natural, Only Glass,” in Mojave He[art] Review, Issue 4, August 2018 (this journal is now defunct, but I have archived the links to my pieces so you can see them)

“The Beforeworld: Riding the Bluest Line Through an Archive of Sky,” in Really System, Issue 19, Summer 2018

“Study Abroad, Travel Light, Breathe Light,” in The Opiate (print version), Volume 14, pp. 76-77, Summer 2018

“The Time Inside Our Bodies Keeps Us Young,” in The Mantle, Issue 4, May 2018 (nominated by editor James Croal Jackson for a Pushcart Prize, Dec. 2018)

“If the World Is Indistinct,” in The Opiate (online version), April 2018

“The Vibrato at Fixed and Pointless,” in SWWIM Every Day, February 26, 2018

Older Work

“Kaleidoscope Repair, Volume One,” Iowa City’s Poetry in Public project, 2007

“How My Heart Flutters When I Rejoin You in the Painting, Love,” in Fine Madness, Issue 25, Fall 1999


“The Perfection of Communication,” video created by Helen: A Literary Magazine to complement/illustrate my poem, Issue 9, Fall 2018


:h:o:m:e:l:i:k:e, Eastern Michigan University Creative Writing graduate students read at Mike Kelley’s Mobile Homestead, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, November 2013

Editorships and Projects

Poetry Reader, Random Sample ReviewSept. 2020-present

Participant in Daisy Chain O’ Poets, a group of poets promoting each others’ work on Twitter @DaisyChainPoetz, July 2019-present

Poetry Contributing Editor, Barren Magazine, Jan.-June 2019

Staff Reader, Tilde: A Literary JournalJan.-Feb. 2019 and July-Aug. 2018

Poetry Reader, Barren MagazineOct. 2018-Dec. 2018

Program and Outreach Educator, Between the Lines: Identity and Belonging session, International Writing Program, University of Iowa, Mar. 2017-July 2017

*Entries in blue contain a live link to the poem, video, or website; entries in white do not at this time.